Titi Zaro

For fifteen years, Oriane Lacaille and Coline Linder have woven the finery of Titi Zaro with their heartbeats. Over the years, they have constructed this mosaic soundscape that gives their music its singular personality. From fish women to tentacle-clad gorgons, the richness of their universe is multitudinous. Endowed with a strong graphic identity, Titi Zaro’s imagery marries intimately to the bandwidth of their sounds.
The sometimes startling and experimental instrumentation of these two ‘sourceresses’ bestows new flavours to French song. Titi Zaro warble Maloya, devour French and Creole, shake with ancestral tribes and tame the invisible in our rifts. Titi Zaro, with lightning in their fists, takes us on a faraway journey! Beguiling sirens with warrior-like sensuality, they exhaust the strings of their instruments and slap the skins of their drums in search of sonority. Descended from a family tree with fertile roots, they draw out the simple idea of the poet craftsman or the passing musician. They mix their voices and their languages, wearing words like lace and embroidering the threads of Reunion Creole and French to recount a modern-day mythology, an anthem to the sacred feminine.
Oriane and Coline have invited Antoine David, Julien Eil, Elisabeth Hérault, Antony Gatta, Yves-Henry Guillonnet, Alexis HK, Vincent Ségal, Nadia and Yamina Nid El Mourid, Cédric Morel, Freddy Boisliveau, Barbara Robert, Giorgio Conte and Vibrato to warm themselves by the primal fire of their creative process.

photo: ©Fabien Tijou