Scènes d’intérieur

Guillaume de Chassy

“The thing I can’t say, you can’t say in many ways” (Samuel Beckett)

“It has always been difficult for me to describe in music those inner states that psychoanalysis explores in words. I hardly dared to do so, until some keys were given to me by the assiduous frequentation of Barbara and Schubert’s melodies. Barbara, Schubert: can one dream of better guides to summon, in so few notes, the whole palette of feelings and emotions? To tell the intimate without complacency, with this fragile mixture of abandon and modesty? Better educated now, I waited for my moment to come. It is during the strange period which connects the springs of 2020 and 2021 that unexpected musics appeared from me. They came at the right time to give me news. It was enough to put them in shape, by letting myself be crossed by the images they aroused. Thus were born these Interior Scenes. I confess that I play them above all for myself…but I leave the door open. Thanks to my faithful artistic director, Frédéric Loiseau and my writing companion, Pierre-François Blanchard.

Guillaume de Chassy, May 2021

” Never the twilights

Will never defeat the aurora

Let us be surprised by the evenings

But let us live the mornings

Let us despise the immutable

Like stone or gold

Springs that will dry up

Let me dip my hands

In the happy wave “

Guillaume Apollinaire