Vladimir Dubois

Born in Marseille in 1979, Vladimir Dubois began his studies of piano and French horn there before going to the Paris Conservatory. In conservatory, he pursued three majors while also playing with the best ensembles in Paris.
In 2001, he was appointed first French horn and soloist in the Orchestre national de l’Opéra de Paris. Since, he has regularly performed as a soloist and chamber musician with partners such David Grimal, Jean-Marc Luisada and Paul Meyer. Meanwhile, he also became a professor at the Regional Conservatory of Paris in 2002. He takes part in numerous summer academies and has coached the Orchestre Français des Jeunes since 2012.
He is also deeply engaged in contemporary music, participating in the premieres of pieces by Benjamin Attahir (Wal Al’Asri), Dominique Lemaitre (Hypérion), Erick Abécassis (Distante Stella) and Marc-Olivier Dupin. He plays with such jazz musicians as Antoine Hervé, Jean-Pierre Como and Wynton Marsalis.

Photo: ©Jeff Ropars