Théophile Alexandre

French countertenor revealed by J-C Malgoire, Théophile Alexandre has since performed on many prestigious stages (Paris Philharmony, New-York Lincoln Center, Champs-Elysées Theater, Amsterdam Concertgebouw, Venice Fenice, the operas of Versailles, Ottawa, Bern…), singing baroque music (Vivaldi, Bach, Haendel…), classical music (Mozart, Haydn, Gluck…) and contemporary creations (Escaich, Lavandier, Moultaka…). With a double degree in lyric singing and contemporary dance from the CNSM of Lyon, he has collaborated with renowned conductors (W. Christie, G. Garrido, S. D’Hérin, P. Agnew, C. Grapperon, associate of L. Equilbey…) and choreographers (J-C Gallotta, L. Scozzi, P. Bausch, J. Montalvo, D. Hervieu…), shining as one of the few lyric artists in the world mastering & performing these two arts together.

In 2017, he created his own company Up To The Moon and unveiled his first projet ADN Baroque, reinventing baroque music in piano-voice with the concertist Guillaume Vincent, choreographed by J-C Gallotta. The success is immediate : directly n°1 when release, the album now cumulates more than 3 millions of streams and the show 35 perfomances with more than 15 000 spectators. No(s) Dames is the second project of his company, with the Quatuor Zaïde, staged by Pierre-Emmanuel Rousseau.