Tangomotán was created in 2016 by three former members of Tango Carbón – Leandro Lacapère, David Haroutunian and Blanche Stromboni – and Marion Chiron. Tango Carbón had previously recorded with NoMadMusic in September 2014, releasing an album in June 2015.
Here, the group continues the musical work taken up by Tango Carbón and collaborates with the illustrator Jules Stromboni, who has actively participated in the creation of this album’s booklet and cover art.

The varied origins and journeys of Tangomotán’s members bring together a geographically diverse sound to the group, from Armenia to Corsica, Argentina and Finland, united by common humanistic values, a shared drive to create and reclaim in a society of unsettled ideals.
Pure tango mixes with classical music from Paris conservatories, tinged with an interest in pop-rock, electronica and Gypsy music, as well as interactions with artists who have served as inspirations for the group, such as Juanjo Mosalini, Vincent Ségal and Richard Galliano. Tangomotán emerges from this tangle of influences as the fire and daring of its four creators bring us the very essence of tango.