Tango Carbón

From classical music studies in Conservatoire de Paris to tango music education in Gennevilliers, the members of Tango Carbón come from different backgrounds. David Haroutunian, Louise Jallu, Leandro Lacapère and Blanche Stromboni met in 2012 with a common desire to update tango music while seeking for its primal energy. Quickly their personal approach brought much modernity to their repertoire which puts together as many traditional tango pieces as original compositions of the band.

After two years performing in France (Triton, Péniche Opéra, Comédie Nation, La Maline, etc.) and the recording of their first EP, their experience brought them to shape their own style, made of all their influences, combining classical and rock music, lyricism and violence, humour and gravity.

Concert after concert, Tango Carbón invents a musical world distant from the stereotypes linked to tango music. Rather than the spectacular and ballroom dancing aspects of this music, they claim a popular tango. Their creations draw inspiration from the members’ humanist values, the denunciation of an unequal society. Tango Carbón are significantly driven by their desire to encourage more communication between different worlds and the abolition of all barriers, whether cultural or political.