Rhizottome was born from an encounteer between two instruments : Matthieu Metzger’s sopranino saxophone and Armelle Dousset’s accordion.
From 2008 on, they firstly played and built their repertoire in the street and balls, in France, Portugal, Belgium and Italy. Moved by “neo-traditional” tunes but also more classical melodies (Rameau, Telemann, Schubert, Weill), then they gradually composed their own repertoire, henceforth presented to new audiences in various places such as theaters, jazz festivals, live clubs in Japan…
Rhizot(t)ome is an old French noun designating the herbalist who cuts the roots. Indeed, the creation of their music is always accompanied by the notion of tradition, which can be
balanced like this : to connect with roots in order to untie better. Inventing new ones is also a big part of the game. They usually feed from various repertoires and colors, textures and
rhythmic structures from across the world. Original compositions come up from this creative process, unfolding inner territories to be conquered.

Photo : ©Mathieu Vladimir Alliard