Quintette de cuivres « Les Siècles »

Coming from all corners of France and trained at the best conservatories, the musicians of the quintet Les Siècles play a series of instruments that span three centuries of music – an inheritance of different aesthetics, playing styles and repertoires. Early on, the specific features of their wind instruments led them to become interested in the craftsmanship, the evolution and the history of the brass family.
Long considered to be accompanying devices, for churches or the military, these instruments have known veritable transformations over the course of the centuries. And so, as adventurers, the artists of this ensemble are always in search of different instruments, at times singular pieces proudly signed by illustrious makers.
It is of utmost importance to them to play and sound these venerable brasses in the repertoire of the objects’ own time period. What better witness or guide to its repertoire is there than the instrument itself?