Philippe Geiss

A musician of international fame, Philippe Geiss gives concerts and master classes all over the world. Exceling in very diverse disciplines, he has mastered a repertoire that extends from classical to improvised music. Sharing the stage with great musicians such as Jean-François Zygel and Jerry Bergonzi, he enjoys the spirit of convergence between artists and various forms of art. He has been awarded prizes for Best Incidental Music at the Festival d’ Avignon and the Academy of the French Record, as well as the Music Prize of the Académie Rhénane (Education Authority of the Rhine Region). Besides his performance skills, he is also in great demand as a composer, with a catalogue ranging from solo to symphonic repertoire and published by Billaudot, Robert Martin and Leduc. He is Professor at the Strasbourg Conservatory and the Strasbourg Superior Music Academy/High School of the Arts of the Rhine, as well as a Guest Professor at the Senzoku Gakuen College of Tokyo and a member of the scientific committee of Labex-GREAM at Strasbourg University.  Philippe Geiss is Vice-President of the International Saxophone Committee, in which role he masterminded the artistic direction of SaxOpen – the 17th Congress and World Festival of the Saxophone – in Strasbourg in 2015. Philippe Geiss is a Selmer & D’Addario artist.

Photo : Stéphane Louis – Agence Arthenon