Les Tromano

A violin, a double bass and an accordion. Since 2008, this trio has roamed the streets of France (Epau Festival, Flâneries de Reims, Concerts de poche) and beyond (Spain, Switzerland, Slovakia, Norway and Japan).
When Yorrick isn’t busy leading the Orquestra Ciudad de Granada, he rearranges orchestral pieces to the scale of the Tromano trio.
Yann clocks out of Radio France’s Orchestre Philharmonique to join the eclectic group, to which he brings the velvet voice and timbre of his double bass.
Little brother Daniel, who lives for his grandmother’s Yiddish folk songs, straps on his accordion. Together, the Tromano trio become a microcosmic orchestra covering all ranges;  a minimalist ensemble composed of the chameleon violin – occasionally masquerading as guitar or banjo -, the double bass’s percussive beats, and the accordion, which Daniel can make sing with the voice of a flute, bassoon or clarinet… Sounds on the tips of our tongues, hummed and forgotten by most but lovingly cherished by these composers who combine them all into a singular soundscape: these are the ingredients of Tromano’s “Gran Bazar”, a deftly crafted yet festive and colourful quilt of an album.