Les Pléiades

Laetitia Ringeval, violin
Caroline Florenville, violin
Carole Dauphin, viola
Marie Kuchinski, viola
Jennifer Hardy, cello
Amaryllis Jarczyk, cello

The members of Les Pléiades, an ensemble founded in 2011 by six musicians from the orchestra Les Siècles, seek out original sounds in their music-making above all. Across the spectrum of string sextet repertoire, they offer a trip through time, crossing eras on historical instruments.
Engaged in projects as varied as their performance spaces as creators of new concert concepts, the sextet have worked with such artists as François Dumont, Isabelle Druet, Sandrine Piau, Les Cris de Paris, Dominique Brun’s dance company 48, the digital illustrator Grégoire Pont, the musician-actor Emmanuel Bénèche and the director Benjamin Lazar.
The ensemble is regularly invited to perform at the Theatres of Nîmes, Beauvais and Sénart; at the Cité de la musique et de la danse in Soissons; at the Musicales de Normandie festival; at the Musée d’Orsay; as well as in Shanghai, Guanajuato and Anvers. Les Pléiades have also cultivated an active calendar emblematic of the spirit that drives them with varied educational programmes offered to schools and different social centres.

This pedagogical pursuit is in their image: ‘a moment of intense exchange with the audience, where speech interrupts music. The workshop offered is a breeding ground for physical gestures which, with the help of an interactive and playful presentation, allow the audience fully to enter a universe of sounds without any tools other than their own senses.’