Jean Sugitani

Jean-Hisanori Sugitani was born in 1981 in Japan. He studied the piano, chamber music, composition and education at the Paris Conservatory (CNSM) where he won a number of first prizes before going into chamber music.

As a soloist and chamber musician, Jean-Hisanori has been the laureate of several national and international competitions. He frequently shares the stage with some of the most celebrated musical figures of his generation. A passionate advocate of symphonic music, he is a member of the Les Siècles orchestra.
The advocacy and promotion of contemporary music have been constants throughout his career, and he participates actively in helping audiences discover the contemporary repertoire. This commitment carries through into his work as an educator: a state-certified music instructor, he teaches at the Conservatory of Bourg-la-Reine/Sceaux (CRD).