Gauthier Toux

Jazz pianist Gauthier Toux was born in Chartres, France, in 1993. He started studying music at age 8 in the Yamaha schools of music before moving on to classical piano at the Chartres conservatory. In 2006, he met Antoine Delaunay and Jean-Jacques Ruhlman and studied with them until 2011. In September of that year, he was admitted to Lausanne’s music college (Haute École de Musique) and majored in jazz performance. He graduated in 2015. He studied under Emil Spanyi, Matthieu Michel, and George Robert. During his years of training, he studied at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen, Denmark. He also studied with Baptiste Trotignon, Franck Avitabile, and Benoit Sourisse.

In October 2013, he created the Gauthier Toux Trio (Maxence Sibille, Kenneth Dahl Knudsen). Their first album, More Than Ever, was released in February 2015. The trio has performed in major festivals such as Jazz à Vienne, Jazz à Orléans, Cully Jazz, Jazz onze+, Copenhagen Jazz Festival. The trio has played at Sunset Sunside, the Théâtre d’Orléans, the AMR (Association pour l’encouragement de la musique improvisée), the Périscope, the Moods, the Institut Français in Agadir, and the Chorus to name but a few. Gauthier has also won awards at the Monaco Jazz Soloist Competition, the Piano Forte Jazz Competition, and the Nottingham Piano Solo Competition.

In his still young career, he has already played with many bands – groups like Cauliflower, the Kenneth Knudsen Orchestra, World Citizen Band, Rootwords. And he has played several venues, notably, the Buenos Aires Jazz Festival, Jazz B in São Paulo, B-Flat in Berlin, and the Maroquinerie in Paris.