Arnaud Cuisinier

In addition to having a Diplôme d’État in bass, Arnault Cuisinier received Paris Conservatoire prizes in bass and jazz. 

 He has played or recorded with numerous influential artists, including Claudia Solal, Éric Barret, François Jeanneau, Sylvain Kassap, Rick Margitza, Dave Liebman, Joel Harrison, Glenn Ferris , Joe Rosenberg, Mircea Tiberian, Manu Codjia, Denis Colin, Yaron Herman, Thomas de Pourquery and Daniel Erdmann.

 He regularly plays in pianist Benjamin Moussay’s trio (with the drummer Éric Echampard).

 In 2008, he created his quartet ANIMA, with Guillaume de Chassy (piano), Jean-Charles Richard (saxophones) and Fabrice Moreau (drums). Their 2010 album Fervent notably earned a ‘Choc’ award from Jazz Magazine.

Anima, the quartet’s second CD came out in 2015. 

 With the clarinettist Thomas Savy, in 2011 he joined Guillaume de Chassy’s trio SILENCES.

They have recorded two albums: Silences (2011) and Bridges (2014).

 Arnault is also a member of drummer Edward Perraud’s quartet SYNAESTHETIC TRIP, with which he recorded a first album by the same name.

A second recording came out in 2016.

 In a more pop aesthetic, he composes for and sings with his group THE SOURCE. Its first album, Follow Poets, came out in 2019.

 In 2020, Arnault Cuisinier joined Edward Perraud’s new trio with pianist Bruno Angelini – a forthcoming album will come out on Label Bleu in 2021.