Violon solo

Patrick Cohën-Akenine

After cutting several records where he conducted his ensemble Les Folies françoises, Patrick Cohën-Akenine has now come out with his very own solo album.
It is a voyage into Baroque Germany set in a timeframe spanning the mid-17th to the early 18th centuries. It includes two inescapable masterpieces from the repertoire, Biber’s Passacaille and Bach’s Partita No. 2.
This program also spotlights rarely performed works such as Telemann’s Fantasia, and two short pieces by Baltzar, recorded for the first time ever.


Press Review

Critique de l’album "Violon solo" de Patrick Cohën-Akenine

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"On admire les belles et pures sonorités de l’interprète.", très belle critique de Marc Vignal

Album “Violon solo”, par Patrick Cohën-Akenine.

"Cohën-Akenine shifts up a gear for the immense challenges"

Album “Violon solo”, par Patrick Cohën-Akenine.