Metamorphosis | Glass, Ravel, Pépin

Célia Oneto Bensaid

On May 7, the NoMadMusic album “Metamorphosis” by Celia Oneto Bensaid – an up-and-coming pianist of the young generation – will be released.

Its program apposes Philip Glass’ five “Métamorphoses” next to Maurice Ravel’s five “Miroirs”. “Number 1”, composed by Camille Pépin as a tribute to Jackson Pollock, concludes this album as a tip of the hat to Glass and to American minimalists, who are a great source of inspiration to the young composer.

This album flirts with the frontiers of an hypnotic trance, and takes us far into a never-never land.


Press Review

L’Alsace enchantée par Métamorphosis !

“Célia Oneto Bensaid franchit un nouveau palier avec cet albulm intimiste où s’entrecroisent Métamorphosis de Philip Glass, Miroirs de Ravel et Number 1 de Camille Pépin. Un programme résolument contemporain, audacieux et tout à fait cohérent.”