Image of Melancholly

Jean-Luc Ho

In this recording, the harspichordist Jean-Luc Ho gives us a portrait of the 17th century in Europe, dipping into the treasure-trove of keyboard works of this period.  Many of these works by Holborne, Rossi, Battiferi, D’Anglebert, Muffat and J.S. Bach have never been recorded before but are powerfully expressive, having in common a certain melancholy – a mood said in Baroque times to be conducive to “the understanding of the most complex matters”.


Press Review

Jean-Luc Ho invité de "Puisque vous avez du talent"

Jean-Luc Ho, invité de l’émission”Puisque vous avez du talent”, pour présenter l’album “Image of Melancholly”.


"Image of Melancholly" coup de coeur d’Olivier Baumont

Olivier Baumont, interviewé par Diapason, retient pour ses 3 disques “coup de coeur” l’album Image of Melancholly de Jean-Luc Ho