Amours vécues

Kimy Mc Laren & Michael McMahon

Kimy McLaren has assembled here a few masterpieces of French music along with rather rare pieces by Massenet and Chausson.
Chosen solely from the vast world of French Melody, many of these songs are mainstays of that great tradition, united here in the universal theme of “love” – leading Ophelia into madness and ultimately death – Verlaine into an all consuming passionate love for Mathilde Maute and Fauré for Emma Bardac – transporting us in Chansons de Bilitis through the sensuous and erotic love that initially emerges and then flourishes, eventually only to wither and die with the passing of time.


Press Review

"Un premier disque brillant", excellente critique de l’album "Amours vécues"

Artistes : Kimy Mc Laren & Michael McMahon.