19 May 2015

Flows Vincent David


With this new album, Vincent David takes us on a trip with the modern saxophone.

From solo, soloi with the ensemble, to chamber music (duets and trios), the saxophone questions the composers  relations to jazz.
Instrumental king of this style, it finds through these pieces, an idiomatic music with direct influence as well as the difficulty to get out of this connotation.
These pieces together for the first time, are an essential framework for the current writing for saxophone.



  • 1 M. Jarrell : Résurgences 14:26
  • 2 B. Mantovani : Bug 6:16
  • 3 Y. Robin : Schizophrenia 15 : 45
  • 4 M. Matalon : Prelude and Blue 11:04
  • 5 P. Hurel : A bâtons rompus 08:15
  • 6 F. Donatoni : Hot 14:22


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