29 April 2014

Encuentros Onda Road Quartet


This is above all a great story of friendship between two Parisian musicians, Adrian Chaillou and Jacques di Costanzo who decided one day to experience the music and life for two years traveling around Europe, Cuba and southern Mexico, covering improvisations, colorful blends of jazz and musical influences encountered during their journey.
They arrived in 2008 to Mexico City and formed the quartet “Onda Road”. In its five years of existence in the Federal District, the band has continued to evolve the project, meeting people and cultures and enriching their artistic creativity with the musical and human encounters that occur.


  • 1 Switch 7:39
  • 2 Agathe the Power 10:33
  • 3 Stin Ipoga 7:15
  • 4 Que onda ? 11:23
  • 5 Kidoute 8:34
  • 6 Simple 12:23
  • 7 Ballade pour Daphné 9:57
  • 8 Ask me now 6:46


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